Evo 9+


Breast Milk Makes Babies Hale and Hearty!
Colostrum, Makes Adults Sturdy!
The Indispensible Constituent Bequeath by Nature!


Colostrum is the milk secretion produced by a mammal within 24 to 36 hours (human between 4 to 5 days) after delivery! Explicitly colostrum is ascertained as the wellbeing fortification for the newborn whereby it ensures vigorous growth to facilitate the building of brawny immune system that ultimately leads to healthy existence. Medical research had revealed that colostrum is not merely abound in nutrients but more so contains essential growth and immune features that possess the same compound fusion akin to human milk. Immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and lysozyme, insulin-like growth factor and epidermal growth factor have been scientifically proven not only to regulate the immune system but at the same time it improves the gastrointestinal tract function, promote growth, anti-aging, inhibit variety of bacteria and have a series of physiological activity - all these have made it to be an Indispensible Constituent!



Functions of EVO 9+

  • Assist to regulate normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels, repair DNA
    and RNA, averthigh cholesterol, high blood sugar and anti-aging.
  • Assist to form and restore bones and cartilage, enhance arthritis status
  • Help to safeguard and sustain healthy skin and delay skin aging.
  • Stimulate growth of connective tissue, accelerate wound healing, promote
    cell division, and neurogenesis.
  • Promote wound healing and tissue repair.
  • Regulate growth and delay aging


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