Evo 9


Every parent has dreams and desires to have children who are not only healthy but also active, intelligent and smart. The question is whether or not the said desire can be fully realized? Factors such as marrying too late or too early, infertile spouses, lack of nutrition and unfavorable health conditions coupled with the environmental factors caused many married couples being unable to fulfill their dreams and desires of having hearty and astute children. But if these couple were to control the intake of nutrients for the sake of the child primarily during pregnancy and after child birth definitely it would help the growth of a healthy body and healthy mind for the child as expected by the said couple.



Functions of EVO 9

  • Strengthen the child’s immune system
  • Facilitate the growth of child's body
  • Improve the child’s intelligence
  • Increase the formation of neurons
  • Enhance the visual health
  • Increase the number of probiotic
  • Helps bone growth in the child
  • Prevent rickets
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Stabilize blood pressure and the nerves


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