EVO Charity Bonanza

Win Charity Reward Incentive Points and Great Prizes!!



To provide a platform for EFI members who on their own accord wish to make donations for charity via the EFI programme whereby in return these members will also benefit.

The contention is for every good deed that you make you shall be rewarded accordingly.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This EFI programme is for a period of three (3) months commencing November 2011 and open to all registered Malaysian members only who willingly wish to contribute to charity.
  2. The prerequisite to qualify for participation in this programme is via a monthly pre-maintenance whereby EFI members is required to donate RM 180 (WM) and RM 190 (EM) per month.
  3. Based on this quantum RM 180 (WM) and RM 190 (EM), the member shall in return receive two (2) sets of any EVO products that is worth RM 360 (WM) and RM 380 (EM).
  4. The maximum donation that each member can make per month is RM 360 (WM) and RM 380 (EM).
  5. EFI members who participate in this programme is required to indicate their intention to make donations and to state the amount online.
  6. The company shall provide a soft copy of the Appreciation Certificate that detail out the amount of donation that you made each month

The Mechanics / EFI Commitment

Based on the RM 180 (WM) and RM 190 (EM) donation by each member, the company shall undertake a special Charity Reward Incentive Plan with the view to share the benefits namely the Charity Points (CP) whereby RM 180 (WM) and RM 190 (EM) is equivalent to 180 CP i.e. 1 RM = 1 CP (standard for WM and EM).

70 CP for product cost

110 CP for special Charity Reward Incentive Plan

As an added incentive to the special Charity Rewards Incentive Plan the company shall provide a total of fifty (50) prizes each month, commencing November 2011:

Grand Prize 50 TV
First Prize 42 TV atau IPAD2 ###
Second Prize 32 TV
Consolation Prizes 47

Total Value of prizes RM 20,000

The draw for these grand prizes shall be made on the 16th day of each month



Reward Points: : 10% of all Reward Points from each member shall be deducted and donated to charity and the balance of which the EFI member has the option to transfer to two (2) wallets.

  1. B- Wallet: No deduction of surcharge to be imposed.
  2. E-Wallet: Should member wish to transfer the amount in their wallet, then a further deduction of 10% from the amount transferred shall be credit to the charity
NOTE: The First Prize is reserved for the monthly top Mega Gold plus Gold Sponsor achiever with the proviso they participates in this programme.