About Us

EVO Freedom International Sdn Bhd or EFI proffers a distinctively designed programme that not only ensures your wellbeing but at the same time bestow you with the prospect of generating income via becoming an EFI e-commerce entrepreneur. The contention is to facilitate you with the ability to expand your own network. We must admit that in this challenging era whereby the Malaysian community is in pursuit of attaining greater success certainly they are subjected to a myriad of stress related pressure both at the work place as well as family and thus resulting in a less admirable lifestyle. As such the EFI programme grant you the option to not only assist them in ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of their families but more importantly sanctioning you to transform them to become an EFI e-commerce entrepreneur, whereby it shall assist all of you to enhance your economic status.


Based on the state-of-the art production process from Japan there are two health supplements presented by EFI namely EVO 7 for males and EVO 8 for females. The ingredients used for the manufacture of EVO 7 and EVO 8 constitute of a myriad of species of selected medicinal herbs and fruits and it does not contain any elements of animals organs, without any stimulants and more importantly without any chemicals and thus certainly has no side effects. Both EVO 7 and EVO 8 can be consumed by all ages as it helps to improve and manage the health of consumers especially those who are concerned with health based nutritional supplements.




EFI's vision is to create a core group of e-commerce entrepreneurs who are both motivated and competitive whereby they are in the position to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle as compared to what they were used to previously.



EFI's mission is to improve the quality of life of all its e-commerce entrepreneurs whereby via the company's commitment in developing and marketing of the health supplements effectively that is supported by the latest technology, efficient customer service and of course it has the potential to provide e-commerce entrepreneurs to generate income a good income.